Tert-Amyl Alcohol

Tert-Amyl Alcohol

What is Tert-amyl Alcohol?

Product name:2-Methyl-2-butanol
Synonymous: tert-Amyl alcohol; 1,1-Dimethyl-1-propanol; tert-Pentyl alcohol; T-amyl b alcohol;Sultamicillin;TAA
EINECS: 200-908-9
Molecular formula:C5H12O
Molecular weight:88.15
Molecular structure:

Appearance: colorless and transparent liquid
B.P.: 101.8°C
M.P.: -11.9°C
Flash point: 24°C
Density: 0.809g/cm3 (24°C)
UN code: 1105, Hazard class: 3

Hebei Smart Tert-amyl Alcohol

Our tert-amyl alcohol is produced from i-amylene.By conducting a hydration reaction of a reaction mixture consisting of an (a) i-amylene or a C5 -distillation cut containing i-amylene, relative to the amount of iso-amylene, on an acid cation exchanger, wherein the reaction is carried out in a range from 5°C. below to 5°C. above the boiling point of the i-amylene or the C5 -distillation cut. we can get crude tert-amyl alcohol . After distillation,we get final product.
Our tert-amyl alcohol is colorless and transparent liquid with a density of 809gram/liter.Its boiling point is 101.8°C.The CAS no.is 75-85-4.The solubility is eight times in water.It is easily soluble in alcohol.
We have been exporting tert-amyl alcohol since 1999, to USA, South America, Europe, India and Korea.We never receive quality claim from our customers during the passed 10 years.

Tert-amyl Alcohol

Tert-amyl alcohol is our Specialty chemical manufactured by: Hebei Smart Chemicals Co.,Ltd.


Our tert-amyl alcohol is it is excellent solvent, can be used in the production of flavor;pesticide and additives of petroleum ,also can be use as the raw material of color film,etc.

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